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ISO 14001 environment management system (EMS)? ISO 14001preparation?

Why should you choose the STandard-Team Kft. in this case also? If you would like to establish a system which suits to the requirements of the ISO 14001 standards, or you want to make your existing ISO 14001 system more effective, then this is the reason,

since our consultant colleagues who are professional in the ISO 14001 standard are highly qualificated environemental protectional consulting engineers, who – reviewing the environmental problems of your company – can give an effectual help in decreasing the charging, avoiding the environmental protectional penalties, and lately the establishment of the economically realizable practice which suits to the prescriptions, For a more detailed information ask our offer by clicking here!

With the result of our mutual work you can establish an effective system which suits to the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard, you can create an ISO 14001 environmental orientated management system, which can be certified by any certifying company, it is not impossible to suit to this requirement. The ISO 14001 environment management system is a really useful thing! The companies who asked for our ISO 14001 system establishment can tell about it also, please, read into the articles made in connection with the ISO 14001 system establishment! If you would like to have your company in order from environmental aspect and you would like an effective ISO 14001 environmental management system, ask our offer here!

Why is the ISO 14001 system good? The environmental protection and the suitability to it is more and more significant today. If your company is environment orientated, it is appreciated by more and more customers in a positive way. However if it is not environmental orientated, you will be disciplined by the authorities with rigidness! Be more sympathetic to your customers and avoid the penalties! The presence of the certification of the ISO 14001 system should not mean benefits only in case of tenders, but it should be an advantage from the aspect of the environmental prevention authorities also. During the establishment of the ISO 14001 system our consultant will draw your attention for the fact how you can continue your activity with causing no or less harm to your environment, and moreover this would not cost much money! If you wish to avoid the penalties, and would like to appear positively from the customers’ aspect, ask our offer by clicking here!

Why do the authorities and your customers think positively about the ISO 14001 environmental management system? Because all products and services are in close connection with the natural and artificial environment. The environment harming effects of both the products and the services generate a stronger and stronger social reaction, which shows itselt in the differet forms of judiciary, political, official and citizen protestation. The increasing environment awareness of the society, the more strick environment protectional prescriptions, and the inceasing energy prices makes the people to re-evaluate their activities, and create a more effective environment management than the previous one. One of its tool is the ISO 14001 environment management system. If you would like an effective ISO 14001 system, ask our offer here!

It has a determining role in the future of every company how the leaders can recognize the possibilities in the environmental challenges, how they can create a evironmental company governing. The environmental company guidance means a kind of system in which the avoiding of the environment contamination and the economic energy utilization are given a central role. The ISO 14000 standard family which gives the base of the Environmental Orientated Management System was elaborated due to the demands of the customers and the public oppinion, and because of increasing the companies’ market competitiveness. The most important features of the EMS are the systemic, the clear and the professional characteristics.

The following beneficial effects can be reached with the introduction of the ISO 14000 standard:

  • The customers and the authorities can judge the certified companies in a more positive way
  • In the future more and more tenders will require the presence of the ISO 14001 certification.
  • With the introduction of the ISO 14001 system and the activity of the consultant the following will decrease:
    • material and energy utilization
    • the emission of the contamination and the arisen waste
    • the environmental risk
  • a the social, communal and market judgement of the company will improve
  • the inland and export markets will be reachable, they can be kept and can be continuously broadened.

If you would like to obtain these benefits for your company, ask for our offer by clicking here!

The establishment and operation of the EMS is a continuous improvement and development process, which is based on the series of regularly repeting activities which are realized on a higher and higher level. Everyone in the system has their exactly determined tasks and competencies, and the methods for making the regulated duties. You can read about the steps of the establishment by clicking here.


Adriatic Challenge

What could be more challenging than sailing without wind? Most probably the answer is sailing without a sea. Hungary does not have a sea still a Hungarian owned, but for obvious reasons, Croatian based company has become the leading sailing company of its kind in the region. Adriatic Challenge offers a delicious piece of cake from each parts of the whole sailing cake; they focus on the three main segments of yachting: regatta organizing, corporate sailing and charters.

Budapest bourse counts on foreign IPOs to lift turnover in 2007

16 Jan 2007 bbj.huThe Budapest Stock Exchange (BÉT) is relying on foreign companies including Orco Property Group to join the market and boost trading as the bourse combats the effects of a slowdown in the Hungarian economy.

Promises or jobs?

The low number of Hungarians of working age who are officially employed is one of the most serious problems facing the Hungarian economy.

NFT2 envisions harmonized growth across regions

Basic groundwork for the second National Development Plan (NFT2) is already being prepared, with NFT2’s operative sub-programs set to be finalized by the beginning of 2006.

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