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Environment technologies

Application and offer of the infiltration measurement tool "Félig lizimeter"

LiziméterThe protection of the environment is exremely important in saving the life quality and the decreasing energy sources. There are Hungarian regarded inventions and patents which can be important from the point of the environment protection if they are applied or operated in the appropriate way. Our company, the STandard-Team Kft. tries to prevent the environment not only by improving our services, but we try to introduce a Hungarian developed technology which is used to trapping and retrieving the materials which distrill in the soil. This significantly important product can give help to the supervision and controll of the soil and groundwater protection

The offered hidrogeological infiltration tool "Félig liziméter" is a Hungarian invention.
OTH botter száma: 205208.

With the invented measurement tool we can determine the process of the soil contamination and the imperiled ratio of the environment.
The offered measurement tool and the measurement method makes it possible for the infiltration tools built into the soil at places contamined with harmful materials that they can intercept the materials infiltrated till the measurement body level automatically and continuously. The measurement tool stores the infiltrated materials untill the arriving of the mobile sample taking tool. The mobile unit entirely retrieves the materials gathered in the different measurement body. The water samples retrieved from the leve of the different measurement bodies can be transported into accredited laboratories and they can be examined and evaluated for the prescribed parameters. The measurements can be repeated several times. According to the changes of the time serial data the environment damaging effect of the environmental damaging materials can be surveyed. The process of the contamination can be evaluated.

With the measurement tool you do not need to develop a new quality system since the retrieved filtrating material samples can be evaluated acording to the valid standards for water quality parameters. The benefit of the measurement technology oppositely to the point-like soil sample taking processes and the soil survey methods is that the measurements are repeateble and can be compared, the official sample taking can be ensured under supervised conditions, the analization can be made in an officially certified (accredited) laboratory.

References, offers, recognitions

The offered hydrogeological infiltration measurement tool and measurement technology is an outstanding and significant intellectual product with international gauge also. Its technical level is a high technology in the environment production which is certified by the international awards and the domestic practice as well.

International and domestic awards:

XI. Hungarian Innovation Blue Ribbon 2002. Appreciative award
Henry Ford Endowment 1999. Appreciative oklevél
Budapest Génius 1996. bronze plaguette
Industry for the environment endowment 1995. warrant
Concours Lepine, Paris 1994. warrant
IENA'94, Nürnberg 1994. silver medal

Operating references:

Metallkontakt Kft. location in Csepel Environment state survey and effect examination
POWERGEN Csepel Power Station Environment state survey and effect examination
Capital Gas Works, Óbuda Industrial Unit Environment protectional effect examination
Capital Water Works, island of Szentendre, Horány Drinking water base protection
Tatabánya Town Local Government Waste landfilling self-control
Balatonföldvár, Local Government: Environmental protectional average survey
Gercse-Pilis Water Association, Janza streamlet Environment protectional effect examination
Komáromi Mg. Rt. Supervision of the liquid manure irrigation system
SOLUM Rt. Supervision of the irrigation technology

You can read about the infiltration measurement tool in details by clicking here!


Adriatic Challenge

What could be more challenging than sailing without wind? Most probably the answer is sailing without a sea. Hungary does not have a sea still a Hungarian owned, but for obvious reasons, Croatian based company has become the leading sailing company of its kind in the region. Adriatic Challenge offers a delicious piece of cake from each parts of the whole sailing cake; they focus on the three main segments of yachting: regatta organizing, corporate sailing and charters.

Budapest bourse counts on foreign IPOs to lift turnover in 2007

16 Jan 2007 bbj.huThe Budapest Stock Exchange (BÉT) is relying on foreign companies including Orco Property Group to join the market and boost trading as the bourse combats the effects of a slowdown in the Hungarian economy.

Promises or jobs?

The low number of Hungarians of working age who are officially employed is one of the most serious problems facing the Hungarian economy.

NFT2 envisions harmonized growth across regions

Basic groundwork for the second National Development Plan (NFT2) is already being prepared, with NFT2’s operative sub-programs set to be finalized by the beginning of 2006.

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