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Free tender lookout!

What does efficient tender following means in our mind? We do not bombard You daily with several dozens of tenders, we select only those which we find the best and the most practical. The tender lookout starts after a project harmonization: we mutually examine what kind of projects You can finance and You need, and due to this we search for the tender which ensures these with:
  • most surely,
  • the most money,
  • the quickest way,
  • with the less energy
Contact our agent now. Telephone number: (+36-28) 423-171

Tender lookout

We operate a computer data base for the company-inflicted tender lookout, in which we send an information to our partners in every quarter year about the tender possibilities, after conciliating the data of the registrated companies with the tender opportunities. Due to this system You can examine those tenders only which are important to Your company and involve chances.


Adriatic Challenge

What could be more challenging than sailing without wind? Most probably the answer is sailing without a sea. Hungary does not have a sea still a Hungarian owned, but for obvious reasons, Croatian based company has become the leading sailing company of its kind in the region. Adriatic Challenge offers a delicious piece of cake from each parts of the whole sailing cake; they focus on the three main segments of yachting: regatta organizing, corporate sailing and charters.

Budapest bourse counts on foreign IPOs to lift turnover in 2007

16 Jan 2007 bbj.huThe Budapest Stock Exchange (BÉT) is relying on foreign companies including Orco Property Group to join the market and boost trading as the bourse combats the effects of a slowdown in the Hungarian economy.

Promises or jobs?

The low number of Hungarians of working age who are officially employed is one of the most serious problems facing the Hungarian economy.

NFT2 envisions harmonized growth across regions

Basic groundwork for the second National Development Plan (NFT2) is already being prepared, with NFT2’s operative sub-programs set to be finalized by the beginning of 2006.

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